Shepherd's whip with a traditional, but now very rare way of braiding. Trhadlá (leather parts between handle and braided part) are decorated with a folklore ornaments. The whip is braided from quality Slovak cowhide.

Leather is treated with oil and wax. This makes the leather stronger and more weather resistant. 

The beech handle is decorated with tin inlay and staining of a part of the wood. The entire surface of the handle is treated with linseed oil, for highlighting annual rings and for wood protection.

The whip does not belong to a specific region. However, it is created by traditional methods and techniques used by our ancient fathers in this beautiful whipping craft. The whip is the result of a creative combination of traditional folk techniques.

Decoration, color and braiding, can be adjusted by agreement.

1 + 3 kicky gratis (braided rope at the end of the whip) are supplied with the whip.

Size: approx. 3 - 3.5 m (without handle)

PRICE: 120 €


If you have decided to purchase the product, please fill out the contact form. I will contact you and we will discuss the details. 

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