BERkožu! | Martin Bereta


I come from a beautiful part of Slovakia, from Liptov. There has always been a desire to create in me. Create something out of nothing. After many years of searching, I finally found the right one. Leather enchanted me with my first product and its charm has not left me to this day. I currently work as a full-time leathercrafter, and in my assortment you will find wallets, handbags, whips, folklore products, pockets, bags, etc. The scent of leather is something that accompanies me through my life, which has become my passion and my livelihood. If you want this fragrance to get into your life, I am here for you. Still asking who I am? 


MArtin bereta

pastiersky bič berkožu kožiar martin bereta bic berkozu koziar bacovsky bačovský vyroba z koze kože martin bereta
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